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Back in town!
Good afternoon dear audience. I am just now returned from a sweet escape from being indoors for simply ages. . . . I have been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks now; and well it was just great! The place over there at Southgate was packed: like a sardine can! I nearly stopped in my tracks when I spied how overflowing the place was ~ but after spying a spot where I could take a seat, I felt confident of being able to stay a while, and enjoy just being out! There were bundles and bundles of people! I couldn't think what was different apart from the time of year but that really wasn't significant so I just didn't have an answer how come it was so packed! It was for example, just like that around Christmas, or Easter, or when the schools were on holidays etc. Yet I don't think anything like that is currently happening. It just a coincidence that today just about everyone in town was over there at Southgate! I took a little time to figure out what to order,... (more)

Business Times ME
Bidaya Media Announces Casting Call for Iftah Ya Simsim
Abu Dhabi, United Arabic emirates - Thursday, March 27th 2014 [ME NewsWire] Bidaya Media launched a Gulf wide casting call for the new Iftah Ya Simsim program. Iftah Ya Simsim, a Sesame Street program, is now in pre-production and is expected to debut on multiple GCC channels in late 2014. The first phase of auditions will take place in April. The casting call was sent out to universities, theatres, cultural centers and through social media to attract talents from the region to demonstrate their ability at puppeteering, voice, singing, and movement. These puppeteers will bring No’man, the beloved Iftah Ya Simsim Muppet, and other Muppets to life in the new Iftah Ya Simsim program. “This is a milestone moment in the development of the Iftah Ya Simsim education initiative,” said Dr. Cairo Arafat, Managing Director of Bidaya Media. The Muppets are loved by children and reflect the playfulness, curiosity and imagination that is within children...and all of us! Finding... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Down by the river
Last night was so fun as well! I went to Amy's dad's 50th birthday party with Alice which doesn't sound like a riot and a half but it was so nice lol Amy's friend Naomi from university was there and she was really nice and I had a whole bottle of free wine to myself(?!) which was gr8 and I didn't get drunk as quickly as normal because I was eating bare of this well nice olive bread but then I didn't realise when I actually was steaming drunk lmao There was this girl Clara who's doing A2s who knows Louis hahahahahaaha but she was a massive feminist and like sooo interesting and I was telling her things about uni because she was kind of nervous and like I hope I gave good advice, she said I helped but I'm not sure exactly what I told her or if it made any sense! It did give my already oversized ego a much needed boost (also - I don't understand the phenomena that makes me feel so much older than her already, even though I was that age less than a year ago and I don't feel like I'm... (more)

Hmm...spell a fish tat is no fish... Tat will be selfish. ....I wish I can be selfish... Tmd today I them realize...a failure relationship dun happend happened with a well planned plan...and there will be almost 2 or more ppl involved. ..sld I hate myself for being so stupid? matter what I still love her deep. ..I unable to find a gal like her anymore...she also wont come back to me le...what I wish for is her happiness n my family happiness. ..lastly I wish for a faster n easy die...just dun let me drag drag on bed. way will be die in my sleep. .. Yesterday void deck got malay wedding dinner...hmm...a women reali deserve a wedding. ..the bride wear modern wedding those traditional. ..look gorgeous. ..and I believe it must be a dream tat every normal gal want... Last time...I always have this matter what...I must give the women I love to have her own wedding gown pic least she can keep for... (more)

Freedom Dossier
Putin &
Obama working together to split up the spoils after the war? ...

Putin & Obama working together to split up the spoils after the war? By Sher Zieve Ever since Obama's "open-mic moment" when he told then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that "Vlad" needed to be patient with: "On all these issues, particularly on missile defense, this, this can be solved but it's important for him to give me space" which was followed by his continuing with "this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility." Many still continue to state �" even well-known talk show hosts �" that Obama meant only missile defense. But that's not what he said. Instead, Obama stated "On ALL of these issues..." That means the deal between the two �" Obama and Putin �" involved a great deal more than Obama deleting the USA's missile defense. I believe we are now deeply entrenched in Obama's promised "flexibility" our great detriment. There are ostensible conservatives in America who are... (more)

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